Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is KrakenHits?

A: We open packs for people on our livestreams and then ship them the cards after! 


Q: Can I visit KrakenHits?

A: Yes! The KrakenHits store is open and located at 7136 University Ave NE Fridley, MN 55432. We can't wait to meet you!


Q: How do I participate?

A: Add whatever you would like to your cart, complete checkout and then DM us!


Q: Why are the packs more expensive than I would pay at Walmart?

A: You are purchasing a pack opening from us. If you are simply looking for the cheapest packs around, to open yourself, you can find much cheaper packs elsewhere, we recommend local card shops! We are providing the experience of getting your packs opened in front of the Hitsquad! You'll find that often times you'll have hundreds or even thousands of people cheering you on as you have your packs opened live! We also provide extra cards (via our hitter pile) if your packs end up not having what we would deem as "good hits". We encourage you to support local card shops if you are looking for cheaper cards to open yourself! We don't ever want anyone to feel like they are getting ripped off, only participate if it's an experience you find fun and exciting! If you are finding us for the first time, simply enjoy the free show for a while and determine if its something you would enjoy doing! :)  



Q: Aren't you just scalpers? 

A: No, we are providing you the service of seeing your packs opened live on our channel in front of the greatest community on the internet. You are not only buying the packs, but also a spot in our livestream! We run the show 7 days a week and that makes our expenses very high. We have an entire shipping team and about 20 employees total that all need to get paid to keep the shows running. We also don't really buy stuff from Walmart or Target, 99 percent of what we get comes from local cardshops (who set their own rules on how much we can buy) or distributors (who also set their own rules on how much we can buy) 



Q: What's a hitter pile?

A: Its a pile of cards we supply that we give out for free. Also, sometimes people donate to the hitter pile! No you can't buy cards out of our hitter pile. Its no fun buying packs and ending up with no hits. After your opening is finished we then decide if we need to go to the hitter pile and supply you with some more hits.



Q: Why are so many people banned from the chat? 

A: Our moderators are tasked with the very hard responsibility of keeping the chat clean and family friendly. We also have to keep the chat in line with Tiktoks terms of service/ community guidelines. Our moderators remove people first and ask questions later, and that's how we prefer it. If you think you were wrongly banned simply DM me on Instagram and if you agree to our rules and are honest about what you did, I'll usually give you another chance and unban ya. It's all about keeping it a family friendly and kind environment! We will not tolerate hate, negativity, racism, political chat of any kind, controversial topics of any kind, vulgar speech or vulgar/inappropriate usernames. 

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