Krakenhits Grading Services

Currently, Krakenhits is NOT taking any new grading requests. Thank you for understanding.


What is card grading?
"Grading" is when you send a card into a 3rd party that assesses the overall condition of a trading card. Each service will have its own professionalism, cost and reputation to uphold. The services will look over the edges, corners, surface and centering of a card. Once they have assessed those areas, they give it a numerical value generally a 10 Gem Mint or 10 Pristine is the highest desired valuation. 

Why would I grade a card? 
Many people choose to grade a card because they want to hold its condition over a period of time. Cards being taken in and out of binders or sleeves can deteriorate over time, scratch, bend, dent etc. Being encapsulated in hard plastic can retain the condition for many years at its original state. Having a 3rd party assess the condition of the card also allows you to make trades/sales with someone so that no one in the transaction can have an advantage over the other. 

At this time we offer grading from PSA and CGC. Each company has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have questions on which to choose, please do not hesitate to ask your community.

-Return Insurance and Return Shipping is covered by the customers.
-Value is determined by recent comps of what you think the card will possibly grade at.
-All cards are subject to being upcharged by the grading company if they determine that we are sending them outside of the parameters of the service. IE the card is worth $800 but we send it at the $199 service. 

-Value $25 per card (60-90 day est.) Max value of $199.
-Preferred $175 per card (20 day est.) Max value of $1999.

-Bulk $15 per card. (60 day est.) Max value of $299.

Things to know before sending your cards in.
-Prior to sending your cards please remove all tape from the top loaders unless its a thick card.
-Prior to sending do not bag each individual card.
-Feel free to send your cards in whatever type of case you feel comfortable with, mag/top loader etc, I will switch them to Savers if need be. Top loaders will be kept in exchange of savers.
-When sending make sure your contact info and any special requests are inside the package.
-Traditionally we do wipe down all cards before sending them unless you have stated you don't need them to be.

-Reviews are $5.00 per card no matter what grading company.
-We will look over your card, provide you photos or video of what we have seen to be a knock on your grade.
-We will show you what we think is a send vs no send and work together with you to determine what should go where.
-Review money is to be paid ahead of time before cards submitted.
-Return shipping for "No Sends" are covered by you or can be combined with return slabs.

1. Gather all your cards together and mail them to me (each one must be top loaded in a CLEAN top loader). Make sure your name and contact info is written out inside the package.

2. We review and inspect your cards (if this option isn't chose, go straight to step 3) and let you know which I would and wouldn't send which we discuss and you have final say. All cards get wiped by us. This is $5 per card. (additional to Fees and is due upfront before cards get sent)

3. We fill out all paper work and send to whichever service under our name but share the progress with you via portal/spreadsheet and they do the rest of the work.

4. You will be billed around the graded step, just prior to them shipping back.